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          Cross Line Lasers
            Back to list2Cone Red Beam Laser WM2C


          ***Two 360° red beam laser lines.
          ***Li-ion battery works with super long operating time as 12 hours
          ***Compatible for both indoor and outdoor applications, switchable between continuous laser and pulse laser
          ***Lock position to apply for tilt purpose, like staircase laying, unit projecting sloped laser lines.?
          ***Self-leveling, laser flashing and sound indicating when beyond the range
          ***Connect with tripod through1/4″ screw thread if necessary
          ***Super useful tool for home remodeling like floor laying, tile laying, ceiling, picture hanging, staircase, doors and windows, painting, furniture installing, etc.?


            Self-leveling range± 3°
            Wave length635-670nm
            Laser safety classClass 2M
            Working range20m or 50m with detector
            Power/Adapter4*AA or 3.7V-3200mAh Li-ion battery or Power adapter
            Operating time10H / 14H
            Operating temperature-10°C ~ 45°C
            Net weight0.35kg

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