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          Using a easy?carrying waterproof laser?level to make a ceiling

          Date: 2018/09/05

          This is time-consuming, slightly monotonous work to use a easy carrying waterproof laser level to make a ceiling that can involve a lot of measuring and marking.

          With your neck craned backward, it is always difficult to ascertain that whether the lines or markings you have made are aligned, straight and clean.

          However, it doesn’t have to be that hard especially if you use easy carrying waterproof laser levels for marking ceiling. And, if you are an electrician and have to work on ceilings on the daily basis, a easy carrying waterproof laser level is a must for you.

          Moving on to marking ceilings, here are the steps you need to follow.

          easy?carrying waterproof laser?level

          Step 1: Begin by taking the measurement of the ceiling.First up is planning out your grid of lighting. 

          Step 2: Next step is to determine how much distance you want to install recessed lights.

          You can draw a little plan on paper, but the most important thing is to write down the distance from one wall to the first light fixture and so on.The graph paper will facilitate proper execution of your plan.

          Step 3: Start from one corner. Place the cross-line easy carrying waterproof laser level at an equal distance from both walls.

          If you’re using a self-leveling laser, give it roughly a minute to self-level. If not, take it through the quick self-leveling phase.

          Step 4: Also, place the easy carrying waterproof laser level in such way that one laser beam runs parallel to the wall and another climbs vertically along the same wall.

          Shoot the cross beam so that you get both vertical and horizontal beams

          You will also notice that the laser beams intersect on the ceiling just above the easy carrying waterproof laser level.

          Step 5: Let the easy carrying waterproof laser level remain at the fixed spot.

          Step 6: Move the easy carrying waterproof laser level to the point marked nearest.

          Step 7: Move the easy carrying waterproof laser level to the next marking and repeat the process.

          Now you know how to use a easy carrying waterproof laser level to mark a ceiling

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