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          How to Use a cube high?accuracy cross?line?laser outdoors?

          Date: 2018/08/22

          1 .Put on your laser safety glasses

          Laser glasses effectively filter your vision to limit the light you see, making it easier for you to identify your laser beam in daylight. 

          2. Set up the cube high accuracy cross line laser on the tripod

          Find a flat, level ground surface and position your tripod in that area. This allows you to have accurate results.

          Set Up the cube high accuracy cross line laser on a Tripod.

          3 .Let the cube high accuracy cross line laser self-level

          If it is a self-leveling model, allow it a moment to self-level itself.

          cube high accuracy cross line laser

          4 .Aim the cube high accuracy cross line laser to the desired position

          After that, figure out which area you’d like to take a reading of and aim the laser there. Once you’ve find it, lock the cube high accuracy cross line laser into that exact position.

          5 .Use a laser receiver to detect the laser beam

          If your cube high accuracy cross line laser has a compatible laser sensor or receiver – this is probably the best approach to use the laser normally in bright light conditions.  Even when a laser beam is undetectable by the naked eye, it can still be precisely detected by a sensor that is specifically designed for this purpose.  This is the most reliable tool that can instantly show you how to use a cube high accuracy cross line laser in bright light. 

          6 .Adjust the laser receiver to catch the laser beam

          The next step is to gradually move the laser receiver until it catches the laser beam from the level.

          Lock the receiver after identifying the light on the laser receiver.

          Now, use both the cube high accuracy cross line laser and the receiver to identify the required measurement.

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