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          The three laser types of ultra?bright red?beam laser?levels.

          Date: 2018/08/17

          In order to meet the needs of different occasions, ultra bright red beam laser levels also have different types.

          There are three common ones:CROSS LINE LASERS,ROTARY LASERS and DOTS LASERS.

          1.CROSS LINE LASERS: precise and quick marking and transfer

          Another type is one that emits a level line on the wall in a single line, or a cross-hair type of fashion. Typically, these types only emit level lines in one direction and onto a single wall or workspace. These are usually small hand-held types of lasers either positioned on a ladder, saw horse, desk, etc, or mounted to a light-weight jamb-pole or laser platform that extends from floor to ceiling.

          Line lasers are suitable for the interior if work is to take place on a visible line.

          ultra bright red beam laser level

          2.ROTARY LASERS: level large areas precisely

          Rotary laser emits a level line in a rotary fashion. Rotary lasers typically emit a level line around the entire room in 360 degrees. Some Rotary Laser Levels can be laid over on their side, using an optional trivet that allows them to project on a vertical plane when used in this manner. The rotation of a single laser makes the human eye think its seeing a line around the room. Hence the name, Rotary Laser. 

          Rotation lasers measure at a very high degree of accuracy and are therefore best suited – in interaction with a receiver – to use at great distances. They offer great functionality and are flexible in their use both inside and out.

          3.DOTS LASERS:precise and quick marking and transfer

          These lasers produce a single or multiple dot of reference on the wall or work surface. They work much like a reference point, or a laser plumb bob.

          Point lasers are suitable for the interior if work is to take place on a visible point. 

          You can choose different ultra bright red beam laser levels on different occasions. Welcome to well-man to buy your favorite laser levels.

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