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          Laser level foreign customers visiting Changzhou Well-Man!

          Date: 2018/08/04

          2017-7-16, German customers once again visited the headquarters of Changzhou Well-Man Opti-Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd. The foreign trade manager had a nice meeting with Germany guests. Accompanied by the chairman of the company, the customer visited the production plant area, R&D center, testing center, etc. The customer highly praised the company's production capacity, R&D capability, production technology and quality control.

          The German customers' visits mainly carried out in-depth technical exchanges on the projects already cooperated, and expanded the cooperation of products such as laser marking instruments, laser levels, rotary lasers and measuring and mapping instruments. They made a pretty good inspection. During the meeting, the technicians carried out detailed on-site operation, demonstration and explanation of the products mentioned above that the customers are very interested in, and made targeted and constructive solutions to the problems encountered by the customers. German customers are highly impressed by the high-precision, high-quality, high-performance WELLMAN lasers and customized service capabilities, and more confident in the long-term deep cooperation.

          It’s the peak time of customer visiting in summer of 2017. WELLMAN laser has prepared for the visitors to meet and talk. Every nice visit and negotiation will help WELLMAN laser to further increase its overseas market share. Frequent visits by foreign customers also highlight the priority of WELLMAN in the intelligent laser decoration industry, highlighting the international competitiveness and industrial leader of WELLMAN Laser. 

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