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          The development of laser ranging technology

          Date: 2018/07/16

          1. In terms of ranging accuracy, it has gradually increased from the initial meter level to the decimeter level and centimeter level. At present, the accuracy of the international advanced station has reached millimeter level, which lays a foundation for the laser ranging sensor.

          2. In terms of ranging capability, from the initial farthest 1000 to 2000km to 20,000km, or even 36,000km, the realization of laser moon survey has made the ranging capability reach 380,000km.

          3. In the ranging frequency, from the initial per second development to the current 1000 to 2000 times per second, higher frequency laser ranging (such as 10kHz ranging) is also under test.

          4. At the ranging wavelength, the monochromatic ranging system is still widely used at present, and some stations also use a two-color/multi-color laser ranging system. The dual-wavelength laser ranging system no longer requires correction of atmospheric physical parameters and atmospheric models. Only the measurement results themselves can correct the atmospheric delay, and better data accuracy can be achieved.

          Although laser ranging is simple in principle and simple in structure, it was mainly used in military and scientific research, but it is rare in industrial automation. Because laser ranging sensors are too expensive, typically in the thousands of dollars, high prices have been the main reason hindering their widespread use. However, due to significant technological advances, the price has dropped to a few hundred dollars, making it possible to become a cost-effective means of detection for many long-range inspections in the future.

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