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          What are the methods of laser ranging?

          Date: 2018/07/13

          Laser ranging uses the principle of laser triangulation and echo analysis to perform non-contact position and displacement measurement. It is widely used in measurement of position, displacement, thickness, radius, shape, etc., and there are many measurement methods worthy of our understanding. .


          Laser ranging method:


          Phase laser ranging


          The phase laser range finder uses the frequency of the radio band to amplitude modulate the laser beam and measure the phase delay generated by the modulated light to and from the line. The laser ranging sensor converts the phase delay according to the wavelength of the modulated light. distance. That is, the indirect method is used to determine the time required for the light to travel through the line.


          Pulsed laser ranging


          Laser ranging method: Pulse laser ranging is simply a measurement of the time difference of the laser. It is based on the characteristics that the laser pulse duration is extremely short, the energy is relatively concentrated in time, and the instantaneous power is large. When there is a cooperation goal, it can reach a very long range of measurements; in close-range measurements (within a few kilometers), even if there is no cooperation target, the distance measurement can be performed without the accuracy requirement.


          Triangulation laser ranging


          The measurement method of the laser displacement sensor is called the laser triangulation method, and the accuracy of the laser range finder is certain. The accuracy of the same range finder is 10 meters and 100 meters. The measurement accuracy of the laser triangulation method is related to the range, and the larger the range, the lower the accuracy.


          Laser ranging has been widely used for topographic surveys, aircraft, ship-to-target ranging, measuring the height of clouds, aircraft and satellites, such as this laser ranging sensor, which is an important technical equipment to improve accuracy.

          Cube Self-Leveling cross line laser is a product of Changzhou Well-man Opti-electronic Instrument Co., Ltd..People can use it to accomplish laser ranging better.

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